Art oftentimes is a reflector of the times we live in. Running on Empty takes no exception (make that no prisoners). What better place to emphasis the failure of mankind to correct the misdeeds and mistakes of the living than a burial monument like Stonehenge.

In Africa you’ve got weapons in the hands of illiterate children. In America we’ve got a minority of the police who need to be policed themselves. But in all fairness to them, the police forces are being shot and killed like never before. It’s no wonder that they’re prone to be accused of being a bit trigger happy. I’d be in a survival mode too!

Our alive military keep retuning without their limbs attached from a war, that as soon as we Americans leave a particular location, the terrorists return again to take over where the locals don’t seem to be able to prevail. Then we’ve (mostly the free world nations) got refuges knocking at our (respective?) doors for entry from different countries that share a religion where the two differencing sects are zealous for the destruction of the other–not the Catholic verses the Protestants this time–but the Sunnis versus the Shiites verses everyone else that don’t adhere to their strict modus operandi way of living and punishment.

What’s a Christian person to do for the protection of keeping themselves from being spotted (make that possible killed) from a world of darkness? Some believe in packing (carrying a weapon), but most don’t. Packing sounds like a lack of one’s faith that our Christian God will protect us (but really why should HE since He didn’t even afford HIS only Son, Jesus, any protection?) Of course the bible teaches, the Christian fight is played out in the spiritual not the earthly physical realm. Phew, for a second there, I thought I was off the hook of not having to look behind me. (I’m assuming you’ve already noticed a faint Jesus head image on the top of two lintel stone, coffin horizontals, seconding as a cross on the left side of the canvas). Yeah, He’s collecting data on the living for the end accountability of each man and each woman. Not as to whether we’ve been good or bad (because we all fall short of the glory of God), but whether or not we’ve correctly recognized His Son, Jesus, as our personal savior.