“I Scream “Son Day,” is obviously a play on the words of “ice cream sundae.” Everybody loves and looks forward with much anticipation to the devouring of an ice cream sundae. We Christians are no different. Except for the fact that Sundays are Son’s day when we eagerly partake of the Sondae made from Christ–His Body and His blood.

Of course the chocolate color here seconds as Jesus’ dried blood given on our behalf. How we will see Him in the clouds at His return is open for debate. He’ll probably return clothed in white, but under that linen shield lies what once was a blood–saturated, crucified body. The Supreme sacrifice He accepted to endure in order to position Himself to receive us Christians–unto Himself.

When Christ returns, not only I will be screaming His name, but all the people of the world will be acknowledging Him also. We Christians will be declaring His name for good reason–His return marks our passage into an eternal life in His heavenly realm. But the unsaved will be dumbfounded. Their declaration of Christ means eternal punishment in a place they’ll always want to leave–but never can. I have great gratitude for the “whatevers” that happened to me in my lifetime that steered me toward Christ Jesus, and the ability to recognize them as such. Amen? Amen.