In the off-season of my fourth year playing left guard with the Steelers, I sustained a broken and dislocated left hip from an automobile accident. That caused me, not only to miss the next season, but to struggle greatly to get my fifth season in the NFL, finally with the Chiefs as a fourth guard. I initially toyed with the idea of titling the painting “Self Inflicted Wound” since I was partly responsible for the mishap. I will always believe that the Steelers traded me because their doctor knew that athletes with broken hips don’t ever recover fully from that particular injury. Bo Jackson being a case in point also. The Toronto Argonauts called a couple of years later, and I reported to their camp, but didn’t pass the physical. Same scenario with the beginning Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 1976. But that was only after I played two half years in the World Football League. Go figure?