The horror of 911 that American had to endure has since been repeated (on much smaller scales–fortunately) across the world. Now, most of the world’s countries are on board to fight radical terrorisms. As I see it, it’s a very difficult situation for a proclaimed “peace loving Muslim” to advance their beliefs in the face of their radical Muslim brothers. Of course, radicalized terrorists (Muslims in particular) make no exception for their “peace loving” brothers and sisters who don’t hold to their strict interpretation of the Koran. Everyone who doesn’t believe as the radical terrorists do, are labeled as infidels and therefore expendable.

We Christians label our non-believers–lost. And we don’t wish to take anyone’s life because they believe differently. Quite the contrary; we seek them out to attempt to bring them into a “saved” perspective with reference to their salvation and the God we Christians believe in.

My painting “Brainwashed,” visually represents some of this radicalized rational that advances on the coattails of hate, seeking the domination of mankind for their god. These “religious warriors” are supposedly promised a heaven of virgins after their suicide missions of mass human destructions. (What are the female suicide bombers promised?) Yet, they cut their own respective heads with their faulty indoctrination. They often hide among the non–combatants of their communities for protection from detection. No matter that these human shields might be with child right next to them or far off as enemy targets.

Yes, most of us Americans run from their false causes, but are wise enough to recognize and realize that if we are to continue with our freedom of choice that we were created with, we’ll have to continue to fight the enemy that wishes to enslave us and our American lifestyle. God bless our military (and other allied nations) in their efforts to keep us safe from harm’s way of the terrorists’ futile living and believing.

PS: Yes, that’s a nose ring and you’ll probably not find one on a terrorists. But in this image, it represents the pulled pin out of a hand grenade–either self administered or spot-on dropped by the opposition from a drone. The former takes innocent lives; the latter, retribution for crimes against humanity.