The Adam Bomb of Sin

It’s no secret that Adam and Eve dropped the bomb of sin into our world. What they aren’t responsible for is taking the blame for each of us individually sinning by passing a tendency towards sin onto their offspring and ours (the sins of the father are not passed onto their sons and vice versa). We are born into this world clean (represented by the white fleeing left figures) , but because we live in an unclean world, we get a lot of that filthiness on and in us (second set of fleeing right figures, partially sin infected).

Nothing we can do (works) will wash sin from us but the blood of Jesus. It’s our adult (age of accountability) decision whether or not to accept Christ as our savior. “Good works” come into play after conversion. They are what God has intended to have us do from the beginning.
You no doubt have notice a distraught (Picasso–influenced African mask) human interpretation of the bomb’s tail end section (with an accompanying side-view of an American eagle). This is all topped off with an “In Us We Trust” instead of “In God We Trust,” emphasizing doing it the American way (your way), which is often in opposition to God’s way. “Say it ain’t so, Joe.”

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