The plane is broken into three parts representing the multiple planes (plus one) that were used that day in three separate horrific attacks. (In case you didn’t notice, the plane’s rudder is painted as a shark’s fin, symbolizing the impending doom of the dastardly deed about to unfold. All of the road signs are suggesting that the perpetrators should think twice and repent before they inflict such monstrous devastation. Of course, the red vertical lines represent the innocent civilian blood (especially firemen) that was shed to satisfy the terrorists’ hatred for America and our way of living. The raised hand of Liberty gesturing an immediate “stop” is a depiction of one of the two tridents (foundational elements of the Twin Towers) exhibited in the 9-11 memorial museum. The horizontal part of the salvaged beam cross from the wreckage is joined perpendicularly to the blue verticals of light representing where the Twin Towers used to be. To the extreme right is a symbol cautioning against the building of a mega mosque near the memorial site. Many feel that would be an insult to injury-me included.