Hi. My name is Larry Gagner, and I’ve been an artist since my days at the University of Florida, where I earned a fully paid education by way of a scholarship.

But it wasn’t an art scholarship. It was for football. Yup. I was both a college and a professional football player, eventually playing as an offensive (but polite) lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers for four years. Yet my exposure to art, gaining my artists’ eye, occurred as a commercial art student. And it is the two of these: athletics and the ability to see art, that prepared me for my life as a working artist.

For me, my art ties directly to the experiences of my life. Those are the things that I am sensitive too, and can share, cause they are part of my life. I like the creativity involved in laying out my images, the use of color and fracture, to convey movement, moment and energy. I use these to convey my feelings about the subject.

By all means, look around! I have a variety of works, and a variety of derivative products from these works. Chances are, you’ll find something about me, that you like about you. I certainly hope so!

Larry Gagner


Gagmail@verizon.net   Phone: (813) 431-9449 or (813) 237-1624

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