I find it somewhat ironic that Christ, who is the creator of all life, came riding into Jerusalem on the foal of a donkey. Yet the Democrats, who use a donkey as their representative symbol, are basically pro-choice. Not that the Democrats ever sought to align themselves in particular with the Christian God. This shoe doesn’t fit, but it wasn’t meant to from the get-go. And yet, there’s ample respect in their camp for the survival of our environment and humanity in general except for the intended, earlier standard for the institution of marriage.

The liberal Democrats have a jump on their competition because there’s more people that want (and need) a government to take care of them. Yes, they are looking to level the inequalities of a slanted playing field, and for that reason alone, certain safeguards should be in place to protect against greed in high places.

But there’s some good and bad in each of the political parties platforms (and candidates). The Republicans, on the other hand, profess the religious right thinking, but are prone to throw the downtrodden under the bus. They’re focus is on business, whether big or small, usually at the expense of the common man (and also the environment). Are the poor to continue eating the crumbs from the rich man’s table? I pray not, because the trickle-down effect has long been proven to be a fallacious argument.

You no doubt have noticed that this lamb (Christ) has a The Silence of the Lambs death’s head hawk moth positioned over what would be the mouth area. I specifically choose to interject this image into the painting because it communicates a non-verbal response (deaf before death) to dire circumstances–as Christ went to His death almost in total silence (Isaiah 53:7).

So what do you do if one candidate for president is a despicable individual, totally lacking in credentials, while the other party’s platform doesn’t meet your religious value requirements? You could drop back and no-vote punt the ball of responsibility, but before you throw up your hands in total disgust, consider first, a prayer to the Lamb (Jesus) to come quickly–maybe this very minute, or hour, or day…..etc, etc, etc, since He is the ultimate trump (no pun intended) card!