The “Seen Me, Seen Thee” title of this painting paraphrases the statement made by Jesus in John 14:9 where Jesus reinforces the “oneness” that has always existed between Himself and His Father, Jehovah. Even though Mother Teresa wasn’t living while Christ was alive, she also has certainly seen Jehovah and Jesus through her knowledge of the scriptures and her unyielding devotion to helping the downtrodden of this world.

The title gets an encore performance by us humans seeing Jesus shinning through the dedicated, and loving face of Mother Teresa. If ever an angel (a good one that is) has taken residence in human form, I say it’s a fairly safe bet to say they homesteaded in Mother Teresa’s body, mind, and spirit.

The shadowed human figures with arms raised mirrors and reinforces our valued connection Christians have to Christ’s crucifixion and the resurrection. Quite often we see photographs of tourists mimicking The Redeemer’s outstretched arms’ pose welcoming the masses of humanity unto Himself. I’ve never been to Rio, but I should probably put it into bucket list. Yes that’s a silhouetted  image of Usain Bolt (left side of canvas) pointing the way to Christ with his famous gesture.