I know, I know, app stands for application not apples, but walk with me for a moment. It almost seems like you’re considered to be “not with it,” if you don’t possess and use the latest applications. So it’s easy for me to equate apps with knowledge. And we all are aware of how we came about acquiring knowledge in the first place–aren’t we? That’s right–they (Adam and Eve) had everything they needed, but wanted the one thing they weren’t supposed to have. They sacrificed the best life possible and its unendingness to become wiser by the world’s standards. They had it all going for them, but didn’t realized they had it all, until they sold out to beauty and knowledge. Of course, the tendency now is that the more knowledge one acquires, the less apt they are to acknowledge the ONE who has always had all the knowledge. Touché mankind–touché.
You did notice the (snake) road–right?