About the only accolades an offensive lineman could ever amass back when I played pro football was how many games you played and/or started in in your career. In this 21 Century the pancake block has come into vogue for the offensive lineman. When an offensive lineman knocks a defensive player off his feet and onto the ground, it is termed a pancake block. John Madden’s term for such a block (which predates the pancake block by decades) was called a “decleater.” A decleater wasn’t reserved for just an offensive player.

There’s great controversy in America right now as to whether or not to do away with all the Confederate statues, predominating located in the South. I say let bygones be bygones. Forgive, but not necessarily forget. Let these statues stand as reminders to the Southern States of the mistakes of the their past–namely, slavery. Remember, the Confederacy won a few battles, but not the war. These vestiges are the only thing that’s left for these die–hard Southerners to hang on to. After all, statues, for the most part, are inanimate objects and can never represent the real McCoy any more than a metal bull has the authority to be worshipped in the place of the Almighty Christian God.

God allows Satan to win some earthly battles too, but not the war. He allows Satan to tempt us with half-truths, compromises, and straight–out fake news, maybe just to see whose side we’re really on. Satan was allowed to test Job to see if Job loved God intrinsically or just for the blessings God gave and would give to a righteous follower of Himself. Job withstood Satan’s bait and never denounced God, and Job’s blessings were eventually restored, without Job so much as asking for that to happen.

I realize that the Nationalists, Neo–Nazis, and white supremacists (add terrorists too) have incorporated these Confederate statues and flags (plus others) as rallying propaganda symbols for their bigotry and hate. But when the encore curtain call of Jesus parts, He will separate the wheat from the tares (weeds), and the people who further this hate agenda might as well eat, drink, and be merry now–for tomorrow they will resurrect into Hell’s eternity (my paraphrase of Matthew 13:30).

So pancake hate! But pray just the same for the haters to repent!