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So Help US God

So Help US God

Previously, before president-elect Donald Trump made good on his promise to get elected, I had a title of No Trump (and then, Trump Trump) on this painting, with…

Obey Or Oblivion

Obey Or Oblivion

I’m sure you recognize the six soldiers’ famous pose righting the American flag at Iwo Jima atop Mount Suribachi. I took the liberty of extending a horizontal red…

Tilt–Gamr Over

Tilt–Game Over

The Steeler’s All-Pro Mike Webster played many years after me, but Ralph Wenzel (the lesser known Steeler poster player for CTE) was the Steeler back-up guard in my…


Slience Over Rhetoric

I find it somewhat ironic that Christ, who is the creator of all life, came riding into Jerusalem on the foal of a donkey. Yet the Democrats, who…


Civil Defense?

Some ideas jump out at you, some are a bit more subtle. For instance, the partially white outlined black figure on the left may or may not be…


Revisited Redeemer

In reality, Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio fronts the downtown area. As If He, Jesus, is giving a blessing to the corporate wealthy. You’ll notice that I’ve…


Running on Empty

Art oftentimes is a reflector of the times we live in. Running on Empty takes no exception (make that no prisoners). What better place to emphasis the failure…


Anybody in There?

Two Backs to You

Two Backs to You

Yeah, that’s Peggy’s Cove in the background of this contrived composition. The backside perspective kind of beckons you for a better dockside position–huh?

Walk on By

Walk on By

Yeah, that’s  a hint of Mother Teresa’s habit in the background (mixed with a supposed Virgin Mary glass image on a Clearwater commercial building) observing the world passing…