I’m sure you recognize the six soldiers’ famous pose righting the American flag at Iwo Jima atop Mount Suribachi. I took the liberty of extending a horizontal red stripe member of the flag to simulate a Christian cross. Our nation started out “under God,” and “In God we trust.” Unfortunately, over the course of our history, we have critically strayed from our initial standard. Any basically non-Christian nation will pay heavily for their non-recognition of the Christian God, but the individual (in any nation) is responsible for his and her coming (or not) to Christ. it’s just easier to do in a predominately Christian nation. Of course the consequence (for the individuals) not professing Jesus Christ as their savior, follows them everlastingly beyond the mere extinction of mankind, which is depicted here with a worldly nuclear annihilation in the background. Notice the 9-11 girder Cross? Could it be interpreted as the acknowledgement of the remnant of a godly (Christian) nation?