No, that’s not a typo error in the title; it’s a play on words. It’s common knowledge that this Hollywood intersection (Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street), made famous by being the epicenter for the movie production industry since the 1920s, also houses the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You’ll not find Jesus’ name written in the concrete there, but long after the concrete (and Hollywood) is gone, Jesus remains.

In my painting, the blood drenched “wooden” cross represents the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which was necessary according to His Father, Jehovah, to cleanse men (become Christians) in preparation for their eternal existence into the place where this Christian God resides. Jesus was/is The Superman/God, not necessarily because He possess the miraculous powers of The Supreme Deity, but that His powers are preceded by a Superman heart condition–one that dies for you!

Now the “Vine” in my title takes biblical reference to Jesus being the vine and we Christians His branches. The searchlights of this “Hollywood” star (Jesus), comes not from the valleys of civilization, but from beyond its mountaintops–Heaven! Unfortunately, most of the Hollywood scene don’t equate star power with His power. Jesus Christ Superstar, the movie and play, possibly, being an exception.

We Christians can’t access our salvation with our Deity without the cross of His death and our subsequent identification with His resurrection through our baptism.

I seek to avoid any  visual identity associated with Jesus’ true likeness by the broad treatment (smudging) of his facial detail. In the future, I’ll think twice about any attempts to represent the outward appearance of Jesus.  More specific reasons for my not doing so are explained in “Don’t Depict Deity.”