Dancing in the Shadows…It’s here!!!

Writing and publishing a book is a lot of work. And now…here it is!        Click on the cover to buy>>>>

At 313 pages, with pictures, Dancing in the Shadows is a book of vignettes that are short, poignant, entertaining, and rewarding. Larry is not a professional author, his style is refreshingly his own. It is nice to hear a professional football player, from 1966-1972 NFL seasons, share about his life, told as he is going to tell it:

“…Most of the players from my era had to have a second job in the off-season to make ends meet. And if you (an offensive linemen) were to dance around so as to say “look at me” after executing a pancake block (like the modern defensive players “dance” after tackling the OBs), the coaching staff and fans would probably conclude you are a prime candidate for the funny farm…”―Larry

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And life got better, not worse, once retired from the NFL. Larry discovered a great life after the distractions of fame and easy wealth were left behind.  Finding value in people—and his own salvation:

“…just as you have to look closely at NFL line play to appreciate it, so do life’s “hidden scores” require a similar scrutiny for initial discovery. But once detected, we have ample opportunities to score points with people, instead of with footballs, in theaters without boundaries. It’s my hope, that Dancing in the Shadows, will instill confidence in others to also embark on their own road less traveled, which doesn’t always lead to a home run, but when it does, the bases always seem to be loaded.” ―Larry

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  1. lgdotcom

    Hi Don!
    Thanks for the accolades, and the book is now available on larrygagner.com! If you order, I will gladly send you a signed copy. I hope all is well with you!

  2. Ted Bennett

    Dancing in the Shadows is an entertaining, fantastic, superbly written book. I couldn’t put it down; I’ve read it repeatedly. The book is funny, colorful and witty; and, it gave me, and I’m sure all the other fine athletes on that 1961 Seabreeze State Championship team, insight as to what it was like to be able to play on Sunday. Great job Larry! You’re a fine author and a good man! Ted Bennett

  3. Larry’s a Brother-in-Christ and a hoot!! I so appreciate his humility, in spite of being an All-American at Florida, as well as a pro-football player, his religious applications, his self-deprecating humor, and the ability to laugh at himself… Thanks for the smiles and happiness you’ve brought into my life through your writing and life… I Corinthians 15:58…
    Your Brother-in -Christ, & Friend,
    Bob Dunn

  4. Charlie Cobb

    A MUST READ !!!
    Larry has written a fine book describing his childhood in Ormond Beach, FL, then his time at Seabreeze High School and the University of Florida where he was an All-American lineman. After college, he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers where he started for 4 years at offensive left guard. Larry was the greatest athlete to ever come out of our county and one of the best in the country. I know; I played with him in three sports.
    Larry would tell you, even over his wonderful athletic and artistic abilities, that his greatest gift is the salvation given him by Jesus Christ.
    Charlie Cobb

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