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The horror of 911 that American had to endure has since been repeated (on much smaller scales–fortunately) across the world. Now, most of the world’s countries are on…

Prostitutes Precede

Matthew 21:31 states that the prostitutes and tax collectors may well enter the kingdom of heaven before the chief priests and elders. It’s much harder to witness to…

Pittsburgh Pride Details

Welcome to Gagner’s Gallery

I’m presently down for the count with a pelvic fracture, so my blogs about future paintings are on hold until further notice. Thanks for your patience.    Hi….

Art Deco Modern Podium Pg. 5

Jukebox Styled Multi-Purposed Structures Pg. 4

Jukebox Styled Multi-Purpose Constructions Pg. 3

Jukebox Styled Multi-Purpose Structures Pg. 2

Jukebox Styled Multi-Purpose Structures Pg. 1

I was in the market for an old jukebox around the early eighties. i was having a beer at a tavern on Main Street in Jacksonville, Florida and…

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