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Tilt–Gamr Over

Tilt–Game Over

The Steeler’s All-Pro Mike Webster played many years after me, but Ralph Wenzel (the lesser known Steeler poster player for CTE) was the Steeler back-up guard in my…


Above the Bar

That’s my “buddy,” Roger, supporting his track and field coach, Jimmy Simmons. He and I played high school football together. He was my best man at my wedding,…



The Tri in “Tri-Me” has reference to my painting career, my digital Christian ministry (, and my field event. Add to this mix my “Dancing in the…


The No-Knowns

Ya, that’s my Pittsburgh Steeler offensive lineman’s number and uniform design of 1966 and 1967 only. Take your pick. They’re both identical and referred to by the ballplayers…


Have Heart Will Travel

It has been said that King David was a man after God’s own heart. I know a certain Heisman Trophy winner from a past University of Florida football…

Fisherman's Choice

Fisherman’s Choice

Self portrait of me and my actual catch from what I thought was a whopper when I was in the process of reeling it in.

Lord of the Swamp

Lord of the Swamp

Tim Tebow has a heart condition. He’s flat out in everything he attempts to accomplish because he gives all the glory to the One who gave him all…

Lg Crash

Career Crash

In the off-season of my fourth year playing left guard with the Steelers, I sustained a broken and dislocated left hip from an automobile accident. That caused me,…