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Have Heart Will Travel

It has been said that King David was a man after God’s own heart. I know a certain Heisman Trophy winner from a past University of Florida football…


I Am Who I AM


9-11 Composite

9-11 Composite

The plane is broken into three parts representing the multiple planes (plus one) that were used that day in three separate horrific attacks. (In case you didn’t notice,…

"Your Call"

Your Call

Islamic Liberty

Islamic Liberty?

Open to interpretation.

Lord of the Swamp

Lord of the Swamp

Tim Tebow has a heart condition. He’s flat out in everything he attempts to accomplish because he gives all the glory to the One who gave him all…

Our Backyard Butcher

Our Backyard Butcher

Look closely at this painting and you’ll quickly discover that it doesn’t glorify Osama bin Laden. Quite the contrary. The explosives depicted at his waist level seconds for…

Lg RBow Mary

Rainbow Mary

This image appeared almost miraculously on a commercial building in Clearwater, Florida. I added the eye with the tear and Jesus returning images. Later, an artist provided the…



Is that Caitlyn Jenner on that middle bike?