Of course this title references the scripture describing the Devil parading as an angel of light. Here, Marilyn is context-ed as (my) our sexual scapegoat. But in all fairness to her, there’s a certain innocence associated to her person. That’s typically not the case for our modern day Marilyns with the Hollywood emphasis on flesh exposure. Hollywood keeps inviting you to take another bite of the big apple of fame, fortune, youth, and extravagant living.

You’ll no doubt notice the exaggerated Mona Lisa face looking away from the enticing apple that the world (and Satan) wishes for you to repeatedly devour. A few  rendered nudes in a skull (thanks, Salvador), helps set the appropriate connotative tone. (I recently decided to remove the “bee” overlapping image for simplicity. Now Dali’s death-head moth dominates with Marilyn’s thighs bleeding through the skull’s eye sockets for more pop!)

Unfortunately, not handling fame and fortune well isn’t just reserved for the Hollywood set. We all know of many athletes that have blown their enormous earnings like a prodigal son. I’ve often wished that I had been a Christian during my playing years.  I did make make some wise investments, but also frivolously spent more than I certainly should have. Chalk it up to: “Youth is as youth does.”