June 2016


I sold an earlier penguin to a lady in Philly. This penguin’s a bit more sophisticated like in “sophisticated lady”. For a full venture into my glass block…

David and Goliath

Challenging the greater polluters of our environment is a monumental task, especially when the old way of providing energy still remains the cheapest. But now, we are almost…

Bang Bang, You Shot Me Dead

Violent crime is more than just on the riseā€“it’s through the roof! Almost anyone can point to a number of different factors responsible and probably make their case….

Dr. No

I was attending the University of Florida when I saw the first James Bond movie, Dr. No. Before the movie started, the signature Nautilus camera lens featured Mr….

Angel of Light?

Of course this title references the scripture describing the Devil parading as an angel of light. Here, Marilyn is context-ed as (my) our sexual scapegoat. But in all…