April 2016

RR Outfit

Welcome to Gagner’s Gallery

Hi. My name is Larry Gagner, and I’ve been an artist since my days at the University of Florida, where I earned a fully paid education by way…



The Tri in “Tri-Me” has reference to my painting career, my digital Christian ministry (SignsSublime.com), and my RighteousRelays.com field event. Add to this mix my “Dancing in the…


Rock ‘n’ Roll

In case you didn’t catch it, that image in the background is a combination depiction of “Rainbow Mary” (title taken from an earlier painting of mine), Mother Tresa’s…


The No-Knowns

Ya, that’s my Pittsburgh Steeler offensive lineman’s number and uniform design of 1966 and 1967 only. Take your pick. They’re both identical and referred to by the ballplayers…


Not Again, America!

Jesus has been crucified once and for all. But do we continue in America (and the world at large) to crown Him again and again with the thorns…


Welcome to MY World

Of course the upper case letters in “MY” represent possession by Jesus. Anywhere we venture as humans, HE’S already been there, done that. Yeah, this space guy thought…


Deco Dingo

In case you didn’t notice, I reversed the feet to give the scluptue a more streamline look.  See CenterStageGlass.com for more of my  whimsical glass block sculptures.


Have Heart Will Travel

It has been said that King David was a man after God’s own heart. I know a certain Heisman Trophy winner from a past University of Florida football…


I Am Who I AM