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Awning Grace

Shapes determine form-or is it the other way around?

Fisherman’s Choice

Self portrait of me and my actual catch from what I thought was a whopper when I was in the process of reeling it in.

Deer Blind

Distorted perspective, tree shadows filling in for deer legs, fractured boats and more-all making for a painting that isn’t boring.

Two for the Show

This artist caught my attention when he performed for an NFLPA Smocks and Jocks Art Show in a past Miami Super Bowl.

Money Rain?

The farmer’s livelihood is always dependent upon sufficient rain. Likewise, a football team’s success is often (falsely) determined by the more money players they possess-unfortunately.

Interpretive Dancers

Matter and space co-mingle.

Mere Mares

A little abstraction goes a long way.

Exit Strategy

Often I think this exit strategy is superior to our political and military one!

Lord of the Swamp

Tim Tebow has a heart condition. He’s flat out in everything he attempts to accomplish because he gives all the glory to the One who gave him all…

Ocala Horse Farm